Quick Payday Loans Online in Russia – TOP 10

Each of us may experience money shortage at some point in our lives. Very often, urgent expenses require immediate additional financial contributions. There is a wide range of companies in Russia that provide loans helping people in difficult situations. Of course, they do not do this for free, but get interest rates from each operation.

In order to help you to choose the best quick loan for you, we have compiled a list of the top 10 Russian payday loans.



Oneclickmoney provides quick loans just in a few minutes. Only ID card is required to get it. The application takes just 15 minutes to be processed, and money is transferred to a client’s bank account after a few minutes. In order to use this service, clients may download the appropriate application on their phones (there are applications for both IOS, and Android). It’s very convenient, as it allows to you get a loan even faster, and it also allows you to monitor the loan’s status.
Deal Score+57

Lime Zaim

Lime-zaim is a very beneficial lender because it offers favourable conditions especially for beginners, i.e. 0 % interest rate. If they apply again, the rate is higher, but the amount provided may also be higher – up to 70000 roubles. This service ...
Deal Score+51
3 Konga.ru


New Campaign
Deal Score+50


Creditplus provides micro loans up to 30000 roubles (70000 roubles – if it isn’t the first time a person applies). This service has 4 customer levels: beginner, expert, partner, and VIP. The more loans a client takes, the higher their customer level, and, consequently, the lower the interest rate. One of the advantages of this service is 6% cashback, i. e. 6 % of the amount will be given back in case of timely repayment.
Deal Score+48


Ekapusta is a Russian company that provides payday loans on Russian territory. There are only three conditions: the applicant is at least 18, they have a mobile phone number, and they have a Russian passport. The first loan is given for free. Then, for repeated applications, 2.1$ is counted for each day up to 12 days, then 1,7 % for each following day.
Deal Score+32


Greenmoney is a service providing loans online extremely quickly. The process is very simple so that the application, approval, and receipt are completed remotely. No references or certificates are required. The response may be received 30 minutes after the application is sent. If approved, the money is sent to the debit card. Greenmoney is exceptional with its promptness and convenience.
Deal Score+31


Joymoney has been operating on the market and providing microloans for 4 years already. It offers several kinds of loans: Start, Master, Expert, Practitioner, Profi – with different interest rates and maximum amounts. If you take a loan for less than 10 days, there will be no interest rate. Money is transferred to the account promptly; the process of sending an application to getting cash takes just 15 minutes.
Deal Score+30
8 web-zaim.RU


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Deal Score+22
9 Dozarplati.com


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Deal Score+13


Microklad is an online service providing payday loans that operates on Russian territory. Each time a client applies for a loan, the term and amount are extended, and the interest rate decreases. If you need to, you may benefit from the free extension process. References and certificates are not required. The percent of approved loans is quite high.
Deal Score-3

Updated – 01.05.2024

We’ve introduced a list of 10 companies providing payday loans in Russia. Each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. Different services offer different terms and conditions, such as Ekapusta or Greenmoney, which don’t charge interest for first-time applicants. Many companies have flexible bonus and discount systems (for example, Moneyman and Ezaem), allowing them to decrease loans and benefit from other different features.

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