The Best Online Loans in Poland - TOP 10

There is a wide range of companies in Poland that provide short and long-term loans which can help with financial needs. Each of the lenders offers fixed interest rates as well as terms and conditions for repayment. While making a decision on which one to choose, it is crucial to get familiar with all details.

Below we present a review of each company and the offered services to help you find the best option which offers the most favorable terms for your desired loan.

1 is one of the most recognizable entities that we can read about in Polish lender rankings. The brand belongs to the international company Creamfinance Sp. z o.o. and started its operations already in 2013 on the markets of European countries such as the Czech Republic, Latvia, Spain and Denmark. The services have been extended to more countries such as Poland. Currently, the brand is one of the leaders enjoying trust and being an innovator of modern solutions.
Deal Score+70
2 comes from Latvia and appeared on the Polish market in 2011. Today, it operates in many countries, mainly in Central and Eastern Europe. It can also be found in Georgia and Russia. The company's slogan is "Your second wallet" which indicates the ease of receiving a loan and at the same time the speed of supporting financial needs in case of sudden expenses. According to data from NetCredit, over 2 million customers have already used the offer.
Deal Score+63
3 is an online loan brand owned by Ducatos sp. z o.o. This is one of the highest and also the cheapest, short-term loans in Poland. The company claims that it is distinguished by a friendly approach and an emphasis on long-term cooperation. Clients proceed through a technically advanced loan process and transparent rules. Due to the fact that Kuki has a large amount of bank account in various institutions, it is able to provide loans in up to 15 minutes.
Deal Score+52
4 is one of the few companies on the Polish market that offer repayment within 45 days. The company is characterized by the ease of receiving a loan by the client due to a small amount of formalities. Extraportfel is also a part of Creamfinance Sp. z o.o. and has been operating in Poland since 2013. For many years, it has remained on a high position in rankings due to high recognition among clients.
Deal Score+51

Finbo allows you to quickly obtain funds to cover unexpected expenses in order to achieve larger goals. The owner of the brand, Fincapital Sp. z o.o. is only an intermediary acquiring clients for the lender PrimaStar Sp. z o.o. with headquarters in Warsaw. Both companies try to make the loan available to the consumer as the most convenient and the most advantageous one. The amount of loans varies from PLN 200 to PLN 10,000 with a repayment period of up to 30 days and a fee of PLN 0 for new customers.
Deal Score+40
6 is part of the Latvian Wandoo Finance group and offers its customers fast, online loans without unnecessary formalities and certificates. It is characterized by excellent and innovative technological solutions. All this means that clients can count on attractive financial conditions and an efficient, qualitative loan process accompanied by high security. The company offers promotions, encouraging new customers to use its services - such as a PLN 0 start fee.
Deal Score+36
7 is one of the most recognizable loan companies all over the world. The brand belongs to the 4Finance group, which operates mainly on European markets. It has been active since 2012 and present in the media, breaking records of popularity thanks to its advertisements. It is worth mentioning that Vivus is the first brand in Poland that has introduced a free offer for new customers. The brand is characterized by high trust among the increasingly numerous groups of clients in the field of internet loans.
Deal Score+32
8 is an innovative company based on Polish capital and owned by SOLVEN Finance Sp. z o.o. It specializes in fast internet loans that do not require the submission of certificates. Customers who need cash, can get it in an instant and simple way, receiving a guarantee of satisfaction from the company’s side. The brand appreciates modern technological solutions thanks to which the loan application process is fully safe and convenient.
Deal Score+30
9 is one of the most popular lenders in Poland and specializes in short-term loans. The offer is transparent and simple, which is why it’s becoming more and more popular among potential clients and analytical institutions. The company received the award of the Financial Order Home & Market 2017, during which professionalism and a reliable approach towards customers were embraced. The company provides loans ranging from PLN 300 to PLN 5,000.
Deal Score+29
10 is a brand created by the company Primus Finance Sp. z o.o., and its headquarters is located in Warsaw. The lender is also the owner of such companies as Halopożyczka or Chwilówkomat. It is characterized by high quality of delivered solutions in accordance with the highest technological standards. Its great advantage is an attractive and safe offer, which is based on the experience gained by the company in the field of standards binding in banks and insurance companies.
Deal Score+27

Updated – 01.04.2024

Every year more and more new companies offer online loans which win a wide range of customers. The advantage of such solutions is the reduction of formalities to a minimum and of course speed. In most cases, you just need to present your ID card in order to submit the application.

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