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Mintos is a popular peer-to-peer (P2P) platform for both beginner and experienced investors, with investments accepted from just €10. Favourable conditions are created for diversification of investments, with the average interest rate being 12.5%. The company has an informative website, a user-friendly mobile app and an integrated ChatBot that answers most questions. To ensure security, Mintos provides a return-on-investment guarantee if a loan is not repaid within 60 days. Most clients are satisfied with the platform, its automatic investment features and various strategies, but a few distrust it due to delayed refunds. In addition, Mintos charges a relatively high fee of 0.85% when selling an investment on the secondary market.

Service Quality
Customer Service
  • User-friendly mobile app;
  • Different investment strategies and diversification choices;
  • Automatic investment function.
  • Does not work in the UK;
  • Additional fee for currency exchange;
  • High tax on investments sold on the secondary market.
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Established in Latvia in 2015, Mintos is one of Europe’s leading investment platforms. The company currently employs more than 180 people in Riga, Vilnius, Berlin, and Warsaw. It has more than 300,000 registered users from 63 countries. Mintos operates on the P2P loan investment principle. The platform is an intermediary between investors and lenders, so all platform activities are focused on attracting safe investments. A popular feature is the initial investment amount, which starts from €10. The average interest rate is 12.5%. Mintos has an automatic investment feature and a repayment guarantee if loan instalments are not paid within 60 days.

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How does it work?

  • Visit the Mintos website and create a profile.
  • Verify your identity.
  • Choose an investment strategy (diversified, conservative, high valuation, personalised).
  • Select the amount you wish to invest and (if preferred) the loans you want to invest in.
  • Note: Once you approve an investment, you cannot withdraw it. The only option is to sell it on the secondary market with a 0.85% fee.
Mintos review - Is it worth investing here in 2020?

Who can invest and what are the requirements?

Both individuals and entities can invest in loans. Investors must be 18 years old or over, and have a bank account in the European Union or in third countries currently considered to have anti-money laundering/combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) systems.

What are the risks and rewards?

By investing in this platform, you can earn interest rates ranging between 6% and 22%, with the average rate being 12.5%. The company has a repayment guarantee provided by its lenders. If loan payments are more than 60 days late, Mintos will repay the investment at face value with accrued interest.

To reduce risk, the Mintos team carefully assesses each loan company that wishes to join the platform. It also applies the “skin in the game” principle, where each lender must maintain 5% to 10% of the received investment on the platform. This acts as an additional protector: in the event of condition of non-compliance, the lender will lose some of their own money.

Mintos operates in a transparent manner, with annual company reports available on their website. If a company goes out of business, steps will be taken to transfer servicing of all loans and investments to an appropriate manager. You will own the claim rights against the borrower or lending company, and the appointed manager will help transfer all outstanding payments.

The largest risk is the possible bankruptcy of loan companies – this happened with the collapse of Eurocent in 2018. To maximise the protection of investments, we recommend choosing investment strategies with a repayment guarantee, while diversifying investments, loan companies and loan types.


Mintos review - Is it worth investing here in 2020?

The website has a clean, user-friendly design. Information includes how to use the platform, how the company works, company statistics, financial reviews and other documentation. You’ll also find a detailed FAQ section that’s broken down into various topics that answer most questions.

Mintos has integrated ChatBot – select a topic of interest and it will provide the necessary information. The website is not ideal for use on mobile phones; it is difficult to navigate and detailed information appears as “walls” of text. Instead, we recommend that mobile users download the easy-to-use Mintos app.

Customer service

Customer service is fast and professional, with well-trained Mintos employees eager to solve issues. In addition, many questions can be answered by ChatBot.


Mintos has a rating of 3.5 stars on Trustpilot. It received negative feedback after the bankruptcy of Eurocent as only half of its investments were repaid to clients. Customers complain about the high tax on the sale of investments in the secondary market and some have experienced long waiting periods for loan repayments. Some feel that not all lenders seem reliable. A significant number of clients are, however, satisfied with the platform, its services and the user-friendly app.


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Phone: +351 308 808 418


Address: Skanstes 50, Riga, LV-1013, Latvia

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