VIAINVEST is a fairly user-friendly platform that can be used by both beginners and experienced investors. The minimum investment amount is relatively small, making it easy to test the platform’s performance or return on investment. To ensure security, VIAINVEST offers a repayment guarantee and redeems all overdue loans.
9/10 (Kopējais vērtējums)
  • Convenient automatic investment;
  • Secondary market;
  • Refund guarantee with interest.
  • There is no manual investment opportunity;
  • Limited maximum investment amount;
  • There are not many opportunities to diversify investments.


Types of investmentsConsumer, business loans; Real estate
Average net return10.8%
Minimum investment10 EUR
Latvian language on websiteYes
Latvian customer supportYes

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What is Viainvest?

VIAINVEST is a mutual lending platform established in Latvia. It allows private individuals to invest in consumer or business loans issued by VIA SMS Group and its group lending companies. All loans you invest through VIAINVEST are 100% pre-financed by the lender . The platform has been operating since 2016 and more than 28 thousand people have registered on it during the whole period. investors with an average contribution of € 3,131. You can invest in the platform from 10 euros and the annual interest rate is up to 12%.

Viainvest: Opiniones y Reseña


How to start investing and what are the requirements?

  • Register on the platform and confirm your identity.
  • Deposit funds into your account.
  • You will see all loans for investment on the platform, you can also filter them by lender, type of loan, potential interest rate, etc.
  • Choose the loan or loans you want to invest in. You can do this manually or by selecting the automatic investment feature.

Review the details of the loan agreement and make the most favorable decision for you.

For what purposes are loans issued?

  • consumption;
  • business.

Who can invest and what are the requirements?

Individuals who are at least 18 years old and are taxpayers in EU countries or Switzerland can invest in the platform .

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Risk and return

What percentage of return can be expected?

Viainvest’s average return can reach up to 11%  per year  with a diversified portfolio of consumer and business loans.

We must also remember two very important aspects related to Viainvest:

  • Viainvest consumer loans are guaranteed with the  repurchase guarantee . This means that if the borrower delays repayment for more than 30 days, the loan issuer repurchases the investment and both the capital invested and the interest earned during the investment period are transferred to the investor’s account (this does not apply to business loans).
  • An investor will never be 100% financially committed to a loan agreement , since the loan issuer retains a minimum investment of 5% to ensure due caution in the underwriting and collection of loans.


Promotions and bonuses

Viainvest has a  referral program  available to anyone who wants to attract new investors to this platform for consumer and business loans.

In addition, it currently has a cash back campaign with which, by activating the automatic investment, you can get up to an additional 1%.

Get 1% Bonus

Customer Service

Viainvest customer service

You can contact us by e-mail. by mail, phone call, or correspondence with service personnel through the chat window on the platform. You can usually get a response in a few minutes or hours via email. mail on the same or next business day, calling the line can sometimes be busy. Staff communicate pleasantly, professionally, only sometimes responses can be slower , there are complaints about too slow service in the event of problems using the platform. If you need questions here and now, you can try checking out the FAQ section to find the answers you need.


Viainvest customer reviews

The Trustpilot platform has an average rating of 3.8 stars for VIAINVEST . While a significant number of consumers respond well or well to investment services, some complain that they have not been able to take advantage of their referral offer and receive a bonus, and there have been cases where the platform has extended the loan instead of redeeming it after 30 days. In general, the main complaint is about the relatively high number of outstanding or overdue loans that are not always issued to trusted people.


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Review Summary and Rating

9 Kopējais vērtējums

VIAINVEST is a fairly user-friendly platform that can be used by both beginners and experienced investors. The minimum investment amount is relatively small, making it easy to test the platform’s performance or return on investment. To ensure security, VIAINVEST offers a repayment guarantee and redeems all overdue loans. The platform for investing in consumer and business loans, Viainvest, complies with all the requirements demanded by European legislation, so that Spanish investors can use its services in a safe and reliable manner. The average annual return is 11%.

Service quality
Customer Service
Risk and return
  • Automatic investment;
  • Return guarantee;
  • There are no additional fees.
  • There is no secondary market;
  • The possibility of encountering non-performing loans.
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